What Is Low EMF and Far Infrared Saunas?


Let’s dive into the wonderful world of infrared saunas. 

In this blog post, we explore the mysteries of low-EMF and far-infrared saunas. 

What is EMF? 

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. It’s the radiant energy created by and surrounding all things electric, from Apple phones to Zenith radios. Which is to say it’s everywhere—including infrared saunas, which make heat with light instead of warming the air around you. 

Low levels of electromagnetic radiation are safe and therapeutic. So, when we talk about infrared saunas, we’re talking about those with low EMF—ones that are both safe and comfortable.  

The low-EMF infrared sauna: a safer choice 

In a low-EMF infrared sauna, a gentle heat embraces you, easing muscle tension and stress. And you can feel good about the long-term benefits as well as the short-term. 

Spending time in a low-EMF infrared sauna detoxifies the body and improves circulation. And you can enjoy the experience, knowing it doesn’t just feel good but is good for you. 

The far-infrared sauna: deeper relaxation 

Now for the far-infrared sauna. 

Lower on the spectrum, far infrared light is that which we can feel but not see. It promotes deeper relaxation and healing, warming us thoroughly to relax muscles and soothe aches and pains. 

A far-infrared sauna does more than warm you; it goes deep to heal every part of the body, promoting better sleep and greater relaxation while also improving your mood. 

Take action for your well-being today 

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